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Re-Phemenology through IT
Re-phenomenology through IT:“Heat as well as High-vibration (Qi)” Producing Software as an Application of Magnetic Monopole-waves(or Too Tiny Dipolar-waves)
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new! Burning Hot graviton paper in the eye or near the eye of typhoon might create hot & dry atmosphere that might cancel out the cool and wet typhoon (2005)!

For Your Better & Refreshing & More Comfortable Environment and Settings,
High Vibration (Life Force) Sources such as Pictures, Bizen Pottery, Music, and Magnetic Devices are Indispensable Technology,

for the 21st Century.
They are now available.
Some pictures are even free to
download for your many usages such as putting one of the jpgs for your computer screen, putting the four print-outs on the walls of your room, putting the two print-outs in your shoes, putting the two print-outs on your back and front inbetween your clothes, putting several print-outs under your bed pad, etc. You might try
this jpg or/and these jpgs at your own risk!

Would you like to see Gravitonized Mt.Fuji? It's Fabulous! Also enjoy the music as well. Click here at your own risk!

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Crystals & Magnets (youtube)

Video Clip on youtube 動画

why not walk towards the rainbow! on youtube

Bizen Kiln(Hasu-Bizen)(youtube)
Gravitonized Mt. Fuji (youtube)

Soul Mates! ビデオ
Relaxing Songs (Karaoke)looking for a singer(youtube)

The term, gravitonics, is used as proportional to electronics.
Electronics is the technology with the use of Electro Magnetic Waves(EMW), whereas
Gravitonics is the technology with the use of GraviTational Waves(GTW).
EMW is horizontal, whereas GTW is vertical. With GTW of much higher frequency than
EMW, we will be able to build a perfect harmonious civilization on the earth.

Japanese ハングル(1)ハングル(2)版:그라비톤(와)과사의뜻밖의만남,Russian,Spanish, Greek, ChineseFinish

The patent for this type of magnetic device had been filed and has been granted from the US Patent Office.
According to Dr. Hideo Seki, gravitonics is the technology of the super ultra elements of graviton for health, environment, and the new clean energy source.

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(1) Bizen Pottery Site with gravitonics technology.

May Peace and Love be . . . (Click here for another Bizen site!)

Graviton Music

(2)And For Warm Graviton Image Site, Click here to warm yourself up.
This site will help you feel much warmer if you live in high floor apartments in urban cities where EM waves are dense.
The Print-outs of this site will help you warm yourself up as well. Just a kind of free energy! 25 print-outs or so will make a ball, a miniture sun. Please make sure the pinted side facing outward.
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Notice: Please make use of all the images of these sites at your own risk.

Burning Hot graviton paper in the eye or near the eye of typhoon might create hot & dry atmosphere that might cancel out the cool and wet typhoon (2005)!

Guess what? Another surprise!

Graviton can beSuperLight, A Nuous, Chi, Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy, Tesler's Free Earth Energy, Animal Magnetism, Space Energy, Vacuum Energy, Zero Point Energy, Qi, Life Force, Neutrino,etc. with different names depending on different cultures and different fields(by John Milewski).

Global Healing!

Global Healing site

Behold let the light be! Would you like to have massage on your head or inside your head? Then, click here! (You might just close your eyes while being massaged. Also you might open the same webpages, 2 or 3 to feel the increased effects.)

You should definitely see the following site for the supporting sites by two sensitive American credential persons. Click here! A list!
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The Following image is the gravitonic image that is radiating GTWs so that it might control EMWs, that is supposed to alleviate your feeling. Don't you sense the different feeling on this site? If you do, you are genetically quite sensitive to this type of energy. Some call it subtle energy, however it is no longer subtle now. It can be developed and can be greatly made use of.
Please click the following image to enter the World of Gravitonics. This gravitonic image can be set as a wall picture of your computer screen so that you feel much more comfortable working on the computer. For your cellular phone or mobil phone and your PC, please click the following image to read further information.
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