Doing Without Any Heater in New York This Winter!!!
A couple have been doing without any heater in the apartment in the middle of New York City, during this winter December, 2004~February, 2005! Instead they are just using several sheets of paper on their room walls and on their beds. I mean the heat papers printed from the several heat image files, jpgs and bmps, downloaded from the web site of Gravitonics:

A couple had had a severe cold winter the year before. However, this winter somehow they are appreciating their two somehow rather warm rooms of their apartment in the middle of New York. A lady, after having known the web site called Gravitonics and downloaded all the heat files of jpgs and bmps, put them on all the walls of their apartment (small) rooms(4 or 8 at least, one or two on each wall of the small room and more as the size of room increases), being curious about how they work in their rooms, they found out they are feeling warm. According to the inventor of those heat files, they are supposed to become very warm especially where EMFs are very dense in the urban cities and in closed rooms of the sky scrapers. However, their rooms are only on the third floor.
The first morning the lady went into the kitchen room after putting the heat papers on the walls, she felt the room has become warm as if someone turned on some fire-lamp heater in the room. What's more, the heat seems to be growing warmer day by day. Also they are sleeping on the bed where several heat papers are set (I mean the papaers must be inside the bed so you sleep over them or beneath the bed sheet and wear blanket over you)and the lady even has to take off her socks in the middle of night because it has become too warm for her although she is a person who feels chilly on her feet. Her husband feels the same way. Even their bed room facing north, he said to her "Gee, I felt really warm last night!" having waken up in the morning. She said she is going to make a big ball made out of heat papers. If you have photoshop computer soft, you can even increase the heat by repeating "copy and paste" under "edit" and pile up the same jpgs or several different jpgs or bmps as the layers and then print out the image. You might try it out and spare some energy expense. Who knows! Please try this warm image! 0zhotnew.jpgPlease try this by far warmer image as well!

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