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Re-Phemenology through IT



Free Downloading of Graviton Images for All Beings!
Several Usages Available!

Crystal&Magnet Device(youtube)

Bizen Kiln(hasubizen)(youtube)

For Your Better & Refreshing & More Comfortable Environment and Settings,
High Vibration (Life Force) Sources such as Pictures, Bizen Pottery, Music, and Magnetic Devices are Indispensable Technology,

for the 21st Century.
They are now available.
Some pictures are even free to
download for your many usages.
You might try
at your own risk!

Notice: Any or each user of these images is responsible for any effect or outcomes of the images, printed paper or papers of any of the images, any transferred items, materials, objects, or whatsoever of these sources.
The Spring of Life Force
1. The Heat Energy

1. The Heat Energy

1. The Amazing Heat Energy
its usage

3. The Healing Energy

5. The Plain Energy

8. The Energy for Alleviation�such as EMFs

9. The Kind Energy

10. The Levitation Energy

An Experience with levitation energy lapislazuli stones

The site you might sense warm feelings and cool feelings on the net.

The site that might give you strength and power.

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