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Gravitonics for environment and for earthlings
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Watch Out for Electro Magnetic Fields:
Mobil Phones, Cellular Phones&Computer
How to Alleviate Yourself from Them!


Making Use of Gravitonic Images (Radiating Graviton, Gravitational Waves) will do a pretty good job!
First, please make an access to the following URL address from your mobil phone and download the gravitonic gif for your mobil phone!<(NEW)
> (New)

< (BrandNew)最新画像最新画像 (BrandNew)最新画像

Please repeat the downloading process several times to increase the power of the graviton.
Please feel free to download any jpgs and gifs on this web. They are free! If you are interested in getting further graviton bmps, just email me, then I will give you the URL address you can download for free. Please start from this site offree downloading.
Also please try this brand new site: Watermelon, tomato, bread
If you are understanding, you will understand their values.
And never send gravitonic images as attachment file(s), they will lose the power!
For your PC graviton images, you can download all of the images on my web site and use any of them as a wall picture of your computer. Also print out any of the images four times and set each into the four corners of your room, you will be able to feel quite refreshed in the room. I hope you are sensitive enough to feel it.
Those who are sensitive to EMF and having a difficult time working on computer can sense the gravitonic feeling on this web site.

See you have already been alleviated from EMF and feel much more comfortable.
testimonials from downloaded graviton images
Please click either on the magnet crystal picture or the picture of the laptop computer, and you will enter the world of Gravitonics!
I will be your guide.
Gravitonics is the Enlightenment in Physics of Consciousness: The Beginning of the New Society in the New Century with New Values or True Values and New Criteria! Related Sites: