There are a number of Japanese people who have sent me testimonials in Japanese.
The most interesting thing is that our  daughter had a difficult time sleeping during the afternoon nap time at the nursery school, so we had her take the graviton music cassete tape as a soothing effect in her bag to sleep with it.  The tape is made by recording the magnet device I had created by a video camera for about 45 minutes.  And by connnecting the image line and sound line into both the sound lines of the cassete player to record the graviton waves into a tape.  Then I played a piece on my synthesizer instrument (by improvization) and recorded over the graviton wave tape.  Well, the teacher at the school played the music during the nap time that we had not expected.  Surprisingly all of the kids slept very well during the nap time, that had had never happened.  One teacher at the nursery school is very sensitive to such waves.  She was very surprized to hear the music.  By just hearing the music, she felt very refreshed in her head and could sleep very well the night.  Since she explained the effect of the sound to us, we offered to set graviton images as bmps into the two computers.  I copied several graviton bmps into the "my picture"file of "my documents"and set one of them as a wall picture
from the graviton cd-rom I created.
The lady felt comfortable working on the computer.  We also set into the four corners of the school quartz-containing stones after burning the graviton-image print-outs close to the stones. 
The nursery school seemed to have become a pleasant place.  However, we did not realize that and did not appreciate the graviton effect as much. 
Since it is a public school and have the rotation of the teachers within the same district.The sensitive teacher transferred to another  
nursery school next year, where she realized the great difference between her previous nursery school and her new nursery school. The kids at the new nursery school behaved wild.  One child went over the fence of the school every day and stayed there away from the building. Nobody knew why he behaved so.  Some childeren were out of their hands.  The teachers of that nursery school were having a very difficult time.   The sensitive teacher started having her eye trouble while working on the computer at the new nursery school.  She called us finally and asked us to do something for the nursery school. We went there soon and first set the graviton bmps into the computers there as we did before and set quartz-containing white stones into the four corners of the nursery school area and gave her another four quartz-containing stones to set in the children's room.  Most of the teachers said at that time that it seemed to be unbelievable by just setting these stones to change the entire nursery school so that the children there might behave nicely and might be able to solve the problems they have right away.  One teacher even said that the child would pick up the stones and throw away.  To their surprise, the children's behaviors have completely changed and they have become calm and lively and that the teahchers have become creative and flexible to meet the needs of the children who have also become imaginative and creative.   During the nap time they played the graviton music without fail.  The child who had used to go over the fense stopped going over the fense.  Besides, he would not even touch the stones in the room.  The principal of the nursery school was amazed at these changes and appreciated us and the graviton effects.  The sensitive teacher's eye became much better and have no more troubles. 
 Hearing this rumor, one lady who has her old mother in old folks care center came to visit us.  She took the copy of the graviton music casette tape and four big quartz-containing stones to the center, and asked the head of the center to set the four stones at the old folk center area and to allow her to play the music in the center only near her mother.  The head of the center set the stones into the four corners by himself and decided to play the music throughout the center building.  To their surprise, the center and the old folks have changed completely. The care takers used to have a difficult time because the old folks used to have a difficult time sleeping even at night and some used to walk around here and there in the middle of night and screamed and yelled.  After the graviton setting, they can sleep very well and become calm and look much happier.  They do not walk around in the middle of night and do not scream or yell.
It is on the web written in Japanese.