So I guess it maybe about the time to leave you a message so that you can spread this important technology, the key to solve every problem and any problem on this globe, and the key to lead to a paradise.  However, it is totally up to all the earthlings and their imaginations.

I guess you know about quantum theory that has spread among most of the highly educated people and researchers.

To make it simple, the nature or the universe is all made up of light and shadow.  The shadow is light anyway from the point of view of light.  And a particular light is a shadow from the point of view of shadow.  I am a particular shadow or shadows as well as a particular light or lights, as you are another particular shadow as well as another particular light(s). And I am writing to you so that all the lights of you can understand me. 

A matter is, after all, made up of small particle-waves with some information.  The smaller the particle-waves, the faster the light travels.

The smaller the graviton-waves, the faster the light travels, so the more original (not shadowy) light travels.

The magnet device I invented collects graviton-waves, intensifies graviton-waves, and can be magnified to produce extremely powerful graviton-waves abundantly, like the spring of life force.  The chain reactions occur with these intensified and magnified graviton-waves.


They are obvious because light reflects and even goes through innumerable particles or particle-waves or graviton-waves that have innumerable mirror effects.  Why does human body communicate so well?  Why do silicon quartz work that way?  They are crystalline structures, so do human brain, neuron, collargen of human protein body.  Why have people been special about crystals and for ancient cultures as well as for present cultures, electronics? And why information can be attached and conveyed?  After all, reflections of light with information is what the reality is.

And the frequency of the particle-waves and condensed image-like situations or reflections will become even a matter.