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Gravitational Waves

I had had many thoughts, and I have been enlightened by my contact with Dr. Seki who discovered the importance of Gravitational Waves, that were quite effective for the people who had been exposed to nuclear radiation in Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Bikini Islands (They have eaten fermented beans and miso-soup) as well as in the environment polluted by the exhaust of industrial factories. Gravitational particles are much smaller than electrons. Fermented beans and miso-soup with malted rice can produce lots of gravitational waves. Before I introduced you the web site by Dr. Takashima who discovered the greatness of bacteria and could succeed changing tons of pigs' dung into drinking water with the help of bacteria in France. There is something common between the two processes. Yes, gravitational waves have brought the change in the both cases.

7 and half years ago, I was inspired to make a certain device which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, so effective when it is used in a log house or the place surrounded by natural materials, especially wood. With my recent contact with Dr. Seki, I found out it collects gravitational waves from the surroundings and intensifies and produces gravitational waves in such a great deal. And I discovered some ways to increase the power further.

If you set the device with some intensifiers into the four corners of the place, that area is filled with gravitational waves. It is as if you feel on the top of the mountain or Mt. Fuji. Except the fact that the air is not thin, your head becomes very clear or clean, or you have refreshed feelings or pure feelings.

Gravitational waves are so short in length and travel much faster than the light speed or electromagnetic waves. There seems to be different wave length of gravitational waves. The smaller it is, the faster it travels. They go through almost all objects, even the whole globe, the earth.

From the intensified system of the device, somehow it has become possible to make a printed paper which can also produce gravitational waves. When the four printed sheets of paper set into the four corners of one's bed room, one can be inside the space filled with gravitational waves. After a month one feels that one is getting healthy. There are several examples now among those who tried. I could confirm that Dr. Seki's theory is right and it works. I realized that the device I made is incredible.

Kita Kushu city, north edge part of Kyushu island, has been tested by setting 3 cm diameter flat ceramics into several corners of the city.

The industrially polluted city for some decades has changed into much cleaner area. There are some evidences, too. The 3cm diameter ceramics are the ones Mr. Hata has developed, following the directions of Dr. Seki. I have some of them with me. However, I could not make printable gravitational wave sources such as jpgs, bmps, or psds computer images out of these ceramics, whereas I could with my device. I have the these image forms for printing the sheets of paper that radiate gravitational waves. However, when they are transffered into your computer as an attachment of mail, they seem to lose the power. You can upload or download them and they do not lose the power of GTW. They are effective for protecting yourself from Electro Magnetic Waves. GTW are much shorter and vertical waves, whereas EMW are longer than GTW and horizontal waves.

One day I realized the device can be used in a great deal to decrease the nuclear pollution by cleaning the area by the gravitation waves or might even help disposing the nuclear radiation or pollutants. I have not tested yet, but I am positive that it might work.

I started out with the theme, culturally different criteria for decision-making. I have added another theme called global education, in which I have added several points that can be considered important to solve global issues. There have been several areas which are not my fields. The further I continue, the more interesting the whole things have become. And recently I have been able to understand the riddles of the world.

Dr. Seki predicted that our new century is the civilization of gravitonics out of or with electronics.

(Dr. Seki is a genius. He calculated the whole universe more successfully than Einstein because he used gravitational waves, much faster than the light speed.)

I believe that science is an inductive, deductive method of testing a hypothesis or hypotheses. Theorists will tell you this and that, and some common sense stays as it is. Only testing a hypothesis or hypotheses can move into new developments.

We are all in good shape. Our whole house is filled with gravitational waves. My mother feels fine and has been much more energetic since she had set the GTW sheets of paper in her apartment.

Masakazu Karita