Typhoon 14 have gone through Kumamoto prefecture on September 6, 2005.

However, burning graviton papers about 1000 might have calmed down Kumamoto and North Kyushu area
in Japan.

It can be assumed that burning hot graviton paper will create hot and dry atmosphere with magnetic graviton (super ultra particle with longtudinal waves) that might cancel out somewhat cool and wet atmosphere of the typhoon.

Some Gravitonics (new technology) lovers in Kumamoto burned about 1000 graviton hot and regular papers

to alleviate or calm down the Typhoon.

And it seemed to have worked. They did not feel much strong wind there and not much heavy rain in Kumamoto, and after going through Kumamoto, the typhoon 14 became weaker.

We wonder this might work out somehow in Hurricane , Rita.2005


Just a hypothesis!


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I should have mentioned that burning hot graviton paper would make heat and dry atmosphere in the innumerable numbers of small magnetic swirl that will cancel out the swirl of the wet and rather cool atmosphere of the hurricane. In Kumamoto some gravitonics lovers burned 1000 graviton papers for the 14th typhoon this year that was big. They did not feel strong wind and did not have heavy rain although the typhoon passed through Kumamoto. It was close to the eye, I mean the eye of the typhoon was just a little west of the area they live. Some Qi experts used to do "Typhoon Wari". "Wari" in Japanese is like to cut one apple into two pieces, by Karate chop. Last year one typhoon was cut into two and became just one hot low atmosphere after passing through Nagoya. We do have the word, "Typhoon Wari", traditional phrase, but nowadays only Qi practitioners do believe that Qi experts used to do it. So in other words, their consciousness has to do with caliming down typhoons. And it seems to be the typhoons seem to have consciousness as well. The magnet device do repel the heavy cloud and thunder, that we had experienced in 2001, when the energy of the magnet device was still in small at a developing stage, so we could see. The heavy cloud approaching over our house, the thunders occured, but passing over our house calmly with no thunders and not much rain, and then after passing over our house, the heavy cloud provided much rain and thunders.