Thank you very much for the important information.  I appreciate it.
 The above technologies already exist, but are classified on Earth, which means it is possible to create food and mineral resources and other elements with pure sunlight energy.  
I do not understand why then not people make full use of such technologies.  It's no longer a question of who gets more share or the most share of the world. 
Is it all right if I put your comment below to my web site?
People in Japan can hardly believe even what I have written as Re-Phemenology through IT.
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Masakazu Karita
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Re-Phemenology Through IT
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"Through information technology copying a real object to produce another real object without the use of its material seems to be an ideal way of solving energy and food problems of the world and it seems to be a long way to accomplish"

Thank you for the above quote at your website.  I found an article which explained an experiment on how to transmute subatomic particles by changing the magnetic hologram of the subatomic matrix of the atom and molecule posted at   One only needs to copy into a holographic computer and holographic memory chip the holographic magnetic matrix of a food molecule of an apple for instance, and then beam the holographic magnetic image of the apple onto an energy source, to recreate the apple, which is similar to the Star Trek movie's creation of food from energy.   The above technologies already exist, but are classified on Earth, which means it is possible to create food and mineral resources and other elements with pure sunlight energy.  

I have been working on a device that transforms pure sunlight and air into water.  The H2 ions can be created by transmuting ions in the air with sunlight directed into a miniature magnetic accelerometer which has a holographic magnetic image of a hydrogen atom in the accelerometer to reform the sunlight energy into H ions and combining them with oxygen ions to create water, so that water can be created anywhere.  Even the oxygen and hydrogen ions can be created in a space ship from pure sunlight with a holographic image of the oxygen and hydrogen ions placed in the accelerometer.

Thank you for your interest in my comments.  Yes, please post my comments on your web site.  The US National Security Agency has star trek like energy to matter technologies presently which can beam an apple from on place to another.    The energies and resources of the universe are unlimited.  On Earth we are only limited by political and media dogma and the space confines of Earth.  I believe that the sun which is also hollow, can make new planets by spewing out an energy gas bubble, which then hardens like a glass bubble into a hollow rock sphere, so that space and energy are not limited. Even the edges of the galaxy have hidden universes in them that we cannot see, which means that the universe is unlimited.  On Earth we can also harness the solar energy from the sun, to make giant metal rings around the Earth that rotate around the Earth, similar to the book called Ring World by Larry Niven, where people can live in the huge metal rings.  We can also make giant metal balloon like sphere's from sunlight, to allow people to live in space in mini-worlds, where there is not room on planets.  The key is to get Earth societies to follow trends of just, mature, and responsible space age societies, in order for Earth to be allowed to use advanced energy technologies on the surface of the Earth, which are regulated by the universal powers.

From my understanding, the reason that the star trek like energy to matter transfer technologies are classified and not made public, are because in part due to the corruption and greed of the underworld, and also due to extraterrestrial societies (E.T.'s) which live in the inner Earth in caves about 160 miles down, who use the same energy to matter transfer technologies to live in caves in perfect health and paradise, and the E.T.'s will only allow Earth surface societies, to use similar energy to matter transfer technologies, if and only if, the Earth surface societies, follow just, constitutional laws which guarantees peaceful space age societies on Earth on the surface and in the inner Earth, since most E.T.'s societies will not interact with unjust, gangster or warlike societies, which live on the surface of the Earth and in hidden bases about few mile down in the Earth.  If the Earth surface societies are gangster and warlike and do not follow peaceful space age constitutional laws, and they acquire energy to matter transfer technologies in mass, then the energy technologies can be misused in warfare and could also can harm the E.T.'s societies living in the inner Earth.

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